About this blog

I´m a certified Spanish court interpreter born and raised in a Spanish speaking country.  I’ve also lived in the United States for many years so my English is good enough to write this blog.

I’m not going to tell you whether I am state or federally certified because all you rabid truth-seekers out there would pounce on that clue and try to make something of it.

Suffice to say, I work in a large U.S. city and get to interpret for Spanish-speaking defendants, witnesses, attorneys, probation officers, judges, you name it. If it speaks Spanish, I can interpret for it.

This blog is about the kind of work I do and the stories I can’t avoid. I started this blog so the work of court interpreters across the country is better understood and appreciated.

Disclaimer: If I write about what happens in court, names, places, dates, and other details will be changed. Call it reality-inspired fiction. Oh, and I will absolutely not discuss what goes on privately between clients and their attorneys. That is sacred and I swore to protect all that when I became an interpreter.  Anyway, the real action  as far as I’m concerned goes on in court where the public is  (almost always) welcome.


Court Interpreter.

40 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Hello there!

    My name’s Moni, I’m an interpreter as well. I work in Wales, UK and translate from and into Polish, Czech, Slovak and English.
    Well… I totally agree with you: it’s stressful and demanding job, but I guess I wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world.

    Fingers crossed for you!


  2. john Says:

    I work in Conference Interpreting. Give me your details! We might need to do a conference in your area and chances are, if you’ve been in the business for a while, you can do Conferences too!



  3. Teri Szucs Says:

    What’s your name and where are you located, in other words, do I know you?

  4. interpreter Says:

    Hi Teri! My name is Alex Paredes. I work in Chicago. I’m not sure we’ve met, but it’s a pleasure to meet you here and to divulge my identity to you as requested …

  5. snormansell Says:

    Another court/medical/socialservice/anydamnthing interpreter here — glad to find this blog, and see that there oare folks out there who know just how fun this work can be !!!

    I am awaiting my state certification results — just in time to kill my XMAS!!! HA

  6. Brian Says:

    Are you still blogging? I think this stuff is hilarious! I work on a team that trains would-be interpreters and gets them ready for the state certification process. I’m definitely going to share some of your stories as ice-breakers!

    • Ana Plahotnii Says:

      Dear Brian,
      I see you work with people who want to get certified interpreters. I live in California, and I want to take the written exam . My language combination: English-Romanian.

      I looked online,I couldn’t find many materials which could help me to practice . Do you have any suggestions where I could get a hold of such information? Thank you

  7. Mariana Says:

    Hi there,
    I’m a Spanish interpreter in Miami and it’s great to see blogs like this one, I see it as great opportunity to network and to vent a little bit. Although interpreting is a great career is very misunderstood, specially here in south Florida where everybody thinks they speak Spanish and where interpreters are mistreated and underpaid.

  8. I am mostly dealing with papers not real people in my work, however slowly thinking to add interpretation services.

    • Farsi Interpreter Says:

      Good idea, you do need the people contact. I do the same and get my social contact on the phone or in person at times. Working with papers alone can get pretty boring.

  9. Farsi Interpreter Says:

    Hi everyone. I am glad I found this site but not too glad to see that not too many people have left comments here within the recent times. I have been using a site called topix and bunch of interpreters were talking to each other at the site but things became lame and hardly anything goes on with people’s comments. I like to hear good stuff here, things that an interpreter feels and totally underestands and might laugh at. I am doing this job for almost 5 years as a full time profession. I do it all, courts, medical, translation and OPI. I live in San Diego where there are not much work for me locally. I do get many phone calls from around the country though. I just want to warm up and read other people’s comments and see if I can add anything worth reading here. Hope to hear from more interpreters here. It is one of those types of jobs that not too many people are in contact with each other. I really like to be in touch with other interpreters so I can exchange ideas and fun with them.

    • Ana Plahotnii Says:

      Dear Farsi interpreter,
      I live in San Diego too,and I am preparing for the written exam. I can’t seem to find enough training material. Can you please tell me what practicing materials helped you towards sustaining the exam? My language combination : english_romanian
      Thank you.

      • AuntAggie Says:

        The written test is in English. Read lots of ghetto fiction to get slang. Assume nothing as you read. If you think you’re guessing at the meaning, ASK a native speaker.

  10. November Says:

    Hi everyotne! I am not sure if this is the right blog for me since I am not an interpreter yet, but an aspiring spanish court interpreter living in Glendale, CA. I would love some tips on how to better improve my consecutive technique. Anyone have any study technique they would like to share with me?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hello, where is everybody? I am glad to have found this blog but it seems no one writes any more. I am a Spanish Interpreter from Nebraska and will like to know and talk to all of you and compare notes, share experiences.

  12. gerdabilingual Says:

    Hi there, I am a Spanish Court interpreter as well. I worked in Massachusetts for 7 years. Recently moved to New Jersey and I just took the “Consortium” written test here. I just found this blog, is anybody reading?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Hi. I am a Spanish freelance interpreter> I have passed the written exam and I am just waiting to do the oral exam for California Court Interpreters this coming January. I have been interpreting and translating for over 20 years, but I never thought of it as a career until a few years ago. It is a very interesting profession.

    • Ana Plahotnii Says:

      Dear gerdabilingual,
      I see you passed the written exam in California. I’m preparing for it. Can you please tell me what helped you to get ready for that (any specific training manual,or anything).
      I will appreciate your feedback very much.

  14. gerdabilingual Says:

    There a chat groups in Twitter and practice sessions in Google+ Hangouts for interpreters if you are interested. Good luck with the exam!

  15. yady Says:

    I have been thinking of becoming a court interpreter.. but i can not find any information about what to do or where to start anywhere. I speak Spanish and i feel that being a court interpreter would be a great career for me but i need to learn more about it, it has been a struggle for me because like i mentioned above, i cant find anyone in Phoenix, AZ that could answer my questions or walk me through the process.

    What I really want to know is what schools should i look into? how long would it take to get certified or learn enough to begin working as an interpreter?…how difficult is it to get hired?.. what people like and dislike about the profession.. What is the working environment like? What is the stress level.. What kind of qualities do you need to do well in the position?… Any comments would be appreciated.

    I am currently working at a law firm as a paralegal, I began working here with out any experience at all. I really like it and have considered law school but the truth is i do not want to go to school for that long and have such a stressful career. I dont think i am passionate enough to become an attorney, i dont feel like all that loan debt and years in school is worth it to me. I have always liked translating for others and i like the idea of not having as much stress and still being able to be in court while helping others when there is a language barrier.

    If there is anyone out there that could help me, please feel free to contact me via email.


    Thank you very much!

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  17. CourtInterpretingSucks Says:

    This forum is about as DEAD as is the future of court interpreting in the United States.

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  21. Hi,
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  27. jeimi salgado Says:

    I am taking the oral exam in sept. in CA and I was hoping to find a study partner. Also, if there are any certified court interpreters that would be willing to mentor would be great!


    • Moni Says:

      Hello Jeimi,
      How did you do on your exam? I am just now gathering information ob the steps to become an interpreter. Can you provide any feedback on where to start? Thank you in advance.

      • Anonymous Says:

        I haven’t received the results yet, it usually takes a couple of months. On regards to where you can get started I studied at the SCSI school of interpretation. They offer an amazing program. There are four classes that you take. They offer a free orientation for prospective students. Once you take the classes, you can register to take the written exam and then the oral!
        I hope I helped but if you need additional info let me know. Go to the school’s website to navigate through it.


    • ramiro herrera Says:

      Hello, did you pass? If you did not, do you want to study. I am taking the Oral in September 2017. My name is Ramiro.

  28. WCA Says:

    Hello, I am currently considering taking the classes to become a court interpreter. I’m a married mother of 3 little ones and a career change at this point in my life is a little scary. I was wondering if you guys can tell me how you like it and if it’s worth it. I live in Southern Ca and would also be working in that area. Any information would be super helpful, thanks

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