Now tweeting, or twittering, or whatever you call it

February 24, 2011

I should be writing long paragraphs about this work I’m (still) doing but I’m fascinated by the idea of blasting out bite-sized morsels of information about court interpreting on Twitter.

A well structured tweet can possibly say as much about something as a long-winded paragraph. Either that or I’m just going insane and don’t have the patience to write normally anymore.

Either way, please do check out my twitter feed, devoted to the unusual world of the court interpreter:

@ilegalmente is my username on Twitter, I guess. What do I know?

Thanks for reading. And please be nice to the court interpreters. It’s a rough job.

7 Responses to “Now tweeting, or twittering, or whatever you call it”

  1. Luis Says:

    Looks like you’ve been tweeting for a while. I like the tweets but I think you should mark them with a hash-tag so more interpreters can follow specific issues to interpreting. I say you mark them with “#Interpreting”. @lfhdez

  2. bridge to russian Its probably a good idea to go after the nexty big thing, and try to become whats called a power user, before “the next big thing” takes off. The ships have sailed for twitter and FB.

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  5. Indeed a very rough job.

  6. […] blog, the last post was written on February 24, 2011— almost a year ago today. That last post, Now tweeting, or twittering, or whatever you call it, is an example of how some bloggers have moved to microblogging (and, yes, I know that many of the […]

  7. Indeed Twitter is the face of new era in social media.. Launch into it n grow more..

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