Back AGAIN from a LONG disappearance

July 27, 2009

So here we go, back to blogging about this profession of intelligent maniacs. I think it’s the only job where you can be certifiably insane and still be qualified and fully competent when it comes to interpreting accurately.

The work can drive you crazy. Listening to one language, speaking in another, trying to hear the original language OVER THE SOUND OF YOUR OWN VOICE …

No trials today. Yay.

7 Responses to “Back AGAIN from a LONG disappearance”

  1. Connor Says:

    Yay! I love this blog and had almost forgot about it. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Nereida Says:

    Yes!! I agree I love this blog too. So why where you away for so long court interpreter?? By the way thanks for restarting this and for replying, On the reply it said something about wedding day, were you away on honeymoon?
    Anyway I was as of a week ago, also an interpreter, had been for the past 12 years but just recently started a different career now, but nonetheless i will keep checking and enjoying your adventures in the court roo. LOL!!!

  3. Court Interpreter Says:

    No, no wedding day. Don’t know where that came from. Nice to see you back here. I’ll try to post once every week or so.


  4. Nereida Says:

    So anything exciting today in the court room?

  5. Romy Says:

    I also enjoy this blog very much! I’m an aspiring EnglishSpanish Court Interpreter in Hollywood, Florida. I’m anxiously awating my results…it’s been almost 9 weeks (they said to wait 6 to 8 weeks…) and no results!!!! I’m now officially worried !!
    Saludos a todos !
    Romy :)

  6. Fili Hernandez Says:

    The University of Arizona publishes a couple of sets of (tapes)CDs actually. One has two and the other 4 CD. Look for Interpretapes and for Spanish The Spanish Talking Tapes. I practice a lot with the news on TV. I watch them in English in the AM and in Spanish in the PM. But, of course, unless I tape them, I don’t get any feedback, which is a must. So I guess I’ll have to start taping these programs and then get my cassette recorder out of the dust. I just started my second time around for state court interpreting in GA. I passed the written part in 2003 but did not follow up on the oral because I had a full-time job and was not available to interpret. I have a lot of ideas and questions. We had a wonderful group in last week’s training in Athens, GA. The languages represented included Spanish, Vietnamese, Amharic, French, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese. Everybody brought a lot of previous professional background! I was really impressed with all of the future interpreters.

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